Meditation Without Stages: A Study on the Concept of Directedness in Mahāyāna Buddhism

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Norbert Nemeth


Meditation gives the basic criteria or circumstances which meditation can be developed
from, and without them there is no opportunity for any progress. The second phase is the
meditative path itself which usually includes successive stages, and might vary according
to the type of meditation. And fi nally, the result or fruit of meditation is the achievement
of the process, and it does not necessarily mean enlightenment itself, but the realization of
the aim of the given meditation.
Undoubtedly, the scheme mentioned above is underlined on the general rules of
logic, and might present a habitual idea about one of the basic types of meditation which
is suitable for being named as ‘meditation with stages’. In spite of this familiar pattern,
among some Buddhist lineages, particularly in Mahāyāna Zen or Tibetan Buddhist schools,
one could encounter the term ‘meditation without stages’, which might require a different
line of thought.



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Nemeth, N. (2018). Meditation Without Stages: A Study on the Concept of Directedness in Mahāyāna Buddhism. The Journal of International Association of Buddhist Universities (JIABU), 11(3), 165–179. Retrieved from
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Norbert Nemeth, Dharma Gate Buddhist College, Hungary




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