The Origins and Development of Abhidhamma

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Weerasak Jayadhammo Suwannawong


The aim of this article is to study and present Abhidhamma is unique in Buddhism. It is one of the Tipitaka Pāḷi texts which explains dhammas in detail and in an analytical way. Regarding the explanation of dhammas, it does so in more detail than Suttanta. That is why the text is called “Abhidhamma”. Abhidhamma explains the process of birth and death in detail. In addition to defining consciousness, it also analyses and classifies thoughts mainly from an ethical standpoint. Various types of consciousness are also set forth in detail,
as they arise through the six sense doors. Modern psychology has begun to acknowledge that it comes within the scope of Abhidhamma for the reason that it deals with the mind, with thoughts, thought-processes, and mental states. Buddhism has, from the very beginning, taught psychology without a psyche.


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Weerasak Jayadhammo Suwannawong, International Buddhist Studies College, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University

Venerable Weerasak Suwannawong, widely known as Ajahn Tah, he is a noble follower of the Dhamma, who is walking on the footstep of the Buddha and ordained as a Buddhist monk with taking the name Bhikkhu Jayadhammo since July 13, 2011. He obtained Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA, BIT major in computer and networking) from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia and obtained Master of Arts in Peace Studies from Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (MCU), Thailand. Ajahn Tah started his spiritual journey under the tradition of Ajahn Panyanandha Bhikkhu, a blossom Dhamma friend (kalyanamitta) of eminent Buddhist monk Ajahn Buddhadasa Bhikkhu of Suanmokha. He is a resident of Wat-Panyanantaram, which is located in Pathumthani, Thailand. Venerable Weerasak Suwannawong has 11 published items, including Common Buddhist Text: Guidance and insight from the Buddha (Thai version), Buddhist Peace Means: Integration theories and Conflicts management tools and Manual for Academics Works: Research Papers, Theses, Dissertations and Articles (with Professor Dr. Frank J. Hoffman). Currently, he is a Lecturer at International Buddhist Studies College, MCU along with conducting as the editor for the Journal of The International Association of Buddhist Universities (JIABU) under MCU. His research interest is Theravada Buddhism, Abhidhamma, and Early Buddhism. Apart from his research conducting, Ajahn Tah offering a spiritual scholarship for both Thai and Foreign Dhamma seekers in guiding Mindfulness Meditation practice and teaching Buddhist Philosophy at International Center of Wat-Panyanantaram. 


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