Buddhism: A Way of Life and Promoter of Social Welfare

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Dr. P. A. Kiriwandeniya


The Buddha’s life and His teachings have inspired individuals practicing Buddhism to
develop self-reliance, moral responsibility, tolerance, compassion, wisdom and many other
qualities that make life more meaningful to live. Along with these qualities, an understanding
of the true nature of things will enable the Buddhist to live in harmony with a changing world
and to enjoy the highest level of happiness. If all try to cultivate and control their minds,
irrespective of creed, color, race or sex, the world we live in can be transformed into a
paradise where all can live in perfect peace and harmony. The Buddha never expected people
to accept and adopt His teachings out of ‘blind faith’ and superstition. Instead, He encouraged
a free spirit of questioning and contemplation. This paper looks at Buddhism as a way of life
and a promoter of social welfare.


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