Empowering Youth through Buddhist Education

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Kevin Chin Kai Ying


With proper education imparted to youth, they can become productive, science-oriented, broad-minded and ideal citizens of society. The question is how can we as a
society add value to youths who are chasing their dreams? The challenge is to tailor a
course for them. This is not simply done as all people are unique. Religion can and should
play a big part in all this, and Buddhism, in particular, can have a big impact on youth. In
fact, there are four things from the Buddhist teachings that can help us to empower youth.
To keep these in mind we have an acronym; PASS. P stands for purity, A stands amending,
S stands for strength and the last S stands for sharing. Finally, we need to ensure that
Buddhism is not just a thing we find in temples and not just a ritual. It must be brought to
others in orphanages, senior citizen's homes, schools and in many places. Education has a
huge role to play in all this.

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