Engaged Buddhist for Social Welfare

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Ven. Ban Ruo Shi


With the development of the economy, the focus on materialism hasn’t made people
happier. Instead, people become more discontented and unhappy. In Australia, I have met lots
of quite rich people, but I cannot tell if they are happier. As a Buddhist monk, I have taken
the Bodhisattvas’ vow: to be on the path to liberate all sentient beings from sufferings. Out
of this motivation, I have engaged myself in Australian social welfare wishing to help
people as a monk police, a volunteer in hospitals and a manager on my Dharma farm. As a
monk police, I teach the police to meditate and Buddhist wisdom so as to reduce their
anxiety caused by their dangerous job. In the hospital, I help the patients to overcome their
mental fear and reduce their physical pain. On the Dharm farm, I take care of the sick or
abandoned animals with loving-kindness.

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