Empowering Youth through Buddhist Education

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Ven. Kuppiyawatte Bodhananda Thero


Youth is a group of people that will experience many physical and psychological
changes that can result in confusion, anger, and rebellion. Buddhism can be a good method
to enhance their happiness. Due to the rebellious and independent nature of adolescence, we
cannot force them to accept and practice any ideology or philosophy but to convince them
to accept only by contemplating the key concept in Buddhist philosophy. Over the past
30 years, I have been using teachings in Buddhist philosophy to change attitudes and
harmful behaviors of our residents and to help them develop themselves as citizens who can
make a positive contribution to the society, especially those drug addicts. Faith/confidence,
virtue, knowledge, generosity and wisdom are the five qualities that Lord Buddha
considered as the hallmarks of the model disciple, whether monks or laypeople.
Throughout our rehabilitation program, we practice and facilitate the development of the
five qualities above.


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Author Biography

Ven. Kuppiyawatte Bodhananda Thero, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Kuppiyawatta Bodhananda Thera is the founder of the Mithuru Mithuro Movement in Sri Lanka. It is a center for drug rehabilitation and human values development.

Bodhananda was presented with the Nalanda Keerthi Sri award in 2009 by his alma Marta Nalanda College, Colombo.[1]