Universal Responsibility for a Sustainable World Peace: Buddhist Initiative

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Prerna Bhardwaj


Our every day starts with news of violence, war, crime and distress. Science and
technology gave us a very comfortable life in many ways but still we all are facing many
basic problems Real happiness and the best quality of life are not totally depending on
external comfort which comes through materialistic world but Inner peace is also equally
important to lead a good life. We all wish for world peace; the engage Buddhism is a
path to follow the Buddhist teachings in daily life. Buddhism taught us that the situation
of the war and peace is basically depends upon us or an individual only, because an
individual is a unit that constitutes the whole society. Under present circumstances and
conditions, it is very important to change our understanding about the social
responsibility. We need to change an individual through a noble mindset so that we can
achieve goal of universal happiness and world peace. This research looks practical
applications to establish world peace is not a fantasy but we can make it real.

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