Preserving Cultural Identity in an Interconnected World: The Case of Thailand

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Pataraporn Sirikanchana


Cultural identity is an individual’s consciousness of one’s own culture which nourishes
oneself as a unique human being and a social member of one’s culture which is different from
other cultures. In order to preserve one’s cultural identity, one needs to know one’s own root,
learn to appreciate one’s own culture, understand oneself and others, and lead one’s life through
wisdom. In Thailand, most of Thai people are Buddhists. By means of Buddhist knowledge
and practices, they learn to preserve their Buddhist lives and live peacefully with others in
this interconnected world.


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Pataraporn Sirikanchana, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Thammasat University, Thailand

Professor Dr. Pataraporn Sirikanchana is a long-time professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand. Having received the Harvard - Yenching scholarship and graduating with a Ph.D. Degree in Religious Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A., she has written many articles and books in both Thai and English, including an academic contribution to Religions of the World: A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Beliefs and Practices, published in the U.S.A.. She is also a prize winner of the Chamnong Tongprasert Foundation award for the Best Contribution of a Work in Philosophy in B.E. 2552/2009. At present, in addition to being a professor at Thammasat University, she is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of Thailand, Deputy Rector of the World Buddhist University and is a member of many academic committees at Thammasat University.


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