Stability and Solvency of National Saving Fund: The Actuarial Valuation and Policy Recommendations

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Arnond Sakworawich
Vasurat Klinhomruen


The National Savings Fund (NSF) is a fund intended for informal labor to save their money for retirement. NSF confronts many risk factors including aged society, NSF low popularity, and informal labor’s low salary base. The objectives of this research are to investigate the financial sustainability as well as other factors affecting NSF via actuarial valuation and sensitivity analysis methods in order to manage NSF more effectively. It is found that NSF will still be able to maintain its capital adequacy until at least 2047 where new member applying rate, current member’s saving per income rate, and the proportion of current member with positive saving in each year are the essential determinants. To achieve NSF stability and insolvency, more new members should be recruited, and current members should be educated and motivated to save their own money perpetually and consistently, for instance, adjusting government contribution rates to be the same for all members’ life span as well as elevating the minimum rate of return on investment.


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