Demand and Supply of Community Based Tourism in Phu Pha Man District, Khon Kaen Province.

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Theerapong Chanthasin
Udomsak Seenprachawong


A study on demand and supply of community-based tourism in Phu Pha Man district Khon Kaen province There
is a content scope covering tourism demand, potential and readiness of tourist attractions, and tourism activities
Tourism standards under the concept of sustainable tourism development and tourism supply data in terms of
tourist behaviors, motivations and demands of tourists towards tourism patterns and tourism marketing mix.
It is expected that entrepreneurs and people who are involved in tourism development in the area, both public and
private will know the level of potential and readiness of tourism and can be used to plan tourism development
appropriately and effectively maximize benefits in economic, social, cultural and environmental dimensions for
sustainable areas In addition, entrepreneurs be able to use information on the behavior and needs of
tourists to improve the form of tourism products and services to create the best impression on tourists. based on
their own resources, readiness and potential It’s a self-reflecting pattern. different identities of each
entrepreneur to create value and high economic value. This is to build sustainable strength for the business further.
The objectives of this study are: 1) To collect information assess potential and the availability of tourist attractions
in Phu Pha Man District 2) To explore the behavior and demands of tourists towards tourism patterns in Phu Pha
Man district. Use integrated research The tool used in the qualitative research was an in-depth interview.
(5 contributors), survey and attraction readiness assessment form (10 sources) and concluded with a content
description. The tool used for quantitative research was a questionnaire (400 tourists) and data were analyzed by
descriptive statistics such as mean, percentage, standard deviation.
The results of the study on tourism supply include tourism resources, tourist attraction businesses related to tourism
products and services, such as hotels, food and beverage outlets business in tourist attractions, etc., found that
the potential and readiness of tourist attraction at a moderate level (mean 2.30) of overall management potential
and readiness at the moderate level (mean 2.36), with the most readily available tourist attractions were Om God
Kun Kao (mean 2.67) and the results of the study on tourism demand. that study of behavior and needs of Thai
tourists traveling in Phu Pha Man district between June and August 2022, the most favorable motivation for tourists
was wanting to relax and have fun (average 4.76), followed by the desire to experience beautiful nature (mean
4.39) and the factor that tourists want the most is the beauty of the scenery. abundance and diversity of natural
resources (mean 3.81), followed by good service mind. good hostility (mean 3.01), respectively.

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