The Course Development for Teacher in Learning English Activity for Communication Through Professional Learning

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Sarayoot Supaso
Montree Wongsaphan


The purposes of this research were, 1) to study the foundation of teacher development in learning English activity management for communication through professional learning community, 2) to develop the curriculum for teacher in learning English activity management for communication through professional learning community. The research contained two phases, 1) the study of the basic data, 2) creating a curriculum for teacher development. By study concerned documents and research. The researcher brought basic data for synthesis in determining the details of course components to suit the needs of teacher. Study the needs of teacher in learning English activity design for communication with the secondary school teachers. The research tool was questionnaire rating scale 10 items concerned with curriculum development, brought the basic data from the first phase to set curriculum components as follows: principles, aims, contents, activities measurement and evaluation of curriculum and the guidelines for taking the course. Afterwards the researcher brought the course draft present to the advisors, modified according to them. The course draft assessed by five expert person in curriculum development, contents, measurement and evaluation. The research tool was the suitable evaluation form of the structure of syllabus. It was 5 rating scales statistics used in data analysis were mean and standard deviation.
The results of research were found that:
1. The course for teacher development consists of 6 units content i.e. 1.1) creating learning community in professional teacher, 1.2) designing communicative learning activity, 1.3) mediums for communicative language learning, 1.4) learning English activity management for communication, 1.5) supervision as “friend helps friend”, 1.6) evaluation and exchange the learning.
2. The result of evaluation on the course suitability was at high level.


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