Model Development of Moral and Ethics Teaching in Thai Higher Education

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Suttichai Yungsook


This research objectives were: 1) to develop moral and ethical teaching patterns in higher education of Thailand 2) To propose the developing guideline the ability of moral and ethical teachers in Thai higher Education. The qualitative methodology was used this research. Secondary data was collected from the review of documents and field data was collected by in-depth interviews and observations from the individual and group interview and focus group with 27 key informants who were the teachers in the university.
The results were found:
1. There were 5 types of teaching patterns follow; the descriptive, the creative, the Four Noble Truths, the lotus beyond the water and the transdisciplinary.
2. The developing guidelines the moral and ethical teachers were 5 items consist of the teacher qualities, the general principles/teaching attitudes, the teaching method/teaching principles, the teaching tools and innovations and the teaching aims.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)