Managing Local Common-Pool Resources: A Case Study of Kracha Lake, Sam Sung District, KhonKaen Province

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Anucha Kotseevong
Grichawat Lowacharin


This research aims: 1) to study the problems of water resources management in the area of Kacha Lakein Sam Sung District, KhonKaen Province; 2) to study the cooperation between local administrative organizations (LAOs) in Sam Sung and the role of local communities in managing the water resources with the LAOs; 3) to propose guidelines for more effective water resources management based on to Elinor Ostrom's framework for common-pool resource management. This study adopted a holistic case study design. Data were collected via interviews with local administrators, community leaders, and stakeholders, as well as via participatory observation and field notes.
Findings show that: the current approach for water resources management is not effective. There is a wide variety of problems and obstacles to the current approach: exploitation of water resources, ineffective rules and penalties, limited financial supports, lack of supervision and maintenance, and ineffective conflict management. A better management approach should be inclusive of all parties and stakeholders, recognize the multi-dimensional contexts and aspects of development, recognize the importance of public participation, and aim at sustainability.


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