Developmental Approach to Professional Teacher Experience of Students in English Teaching, Faculty of Education, Mahamakut Buddhist University, Lanna Campus

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Uten Larping
Thittiya Munde
Pimpatsorn Dedkhad
Kheminthra Tanthikun
Sorawit Phromlee


The objectives of this research were as follows: 1) to study processes and approaches to improve teaching practice experience of student teachers. The sample was 101 student teachers registered for their teaching practice experience through the university’s regular course, 1st semester, and academic year 2017 and 9 educational staff including the administrators, university supervisors and cooperating teachers. The tools of data collection were interview and questionnaire. The statistics used for analyzing data included frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. The results of data analysis are depicted as table charts.
The findings were as follows:
1. The overall approaches improving teaching practice of student teachers majoring in Teaching English are high.
2. The approaches to develop the processes of teaching practice of the student teachers suggested that student teachers should be passionate, enthusiastic, and proud of the teaching profession, the lesson plans should be completed prior to the next class in order to have them reviewed, the university supervisors and cooperating teachers should have a mutual agreement on the criteria for measurements and purposes of the teaching materials and teaching records, and the processes of teaching practice should correspond with the university policy, and the schools selecting should be made from both elementary and secondary levels.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)
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Uten Larping, Mahamakut Buddhist University, Lanna Campus, Thailand

Mahamakut Buddhist University Lanna Campus  Chiang  Mai