A Model of Organizational Culture in Surindra Rajabhat University

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Sarinthip s Sonthong
Noppadon Poonsawat
Teerawat Phuratheerantat
Pracob Cooparat


The objectives of this study were to 1) study the organizational culture of Surindra Rajabhat University, 2) to analyze elements of the organizational culture, 3) to develop the organizational cultural model of Surindra Rajabhat University. The samples were 207 personnel of Surindra Rajabhat University. Interview form and questionnaires are used for collecting data.  Percentage, mean, standard deviation, and descriptive summary are used for statistical analysis. Qualitative and quantitative research are used by the integrated methodology.
The research were revealed as follows:
1. Organizational Culture of Surindra Rajabhat University : it was found that the characteristics and behaviors of the personnel in all sections of the organization that will be supported to drive the Surindra Rajabhat Universtiy directed successfully. It can be summarized as follows: 1) Good governance in organizational and organizational management of Surindra Rajabhat University has to be clear and more concreted 2) The personnel in the organization and all sections of organization of Surindra Rajabhat University have to be viewed at the same goal and directed and positive attitude that will be affected an effective collaboration. Surindra Rajabhat University personnel should be responsible for their duties and showed their kindness, and committed to the accomplishment of the task rather than the task assigned to be accomplished on time. Personnel should focus on developing there job skill. They need to volunteer supporting the works of colleagues as well. Surindra Rajabhat University are urgently needed to promote harmony and good image. It should allocate welfare to promote morale in the work.
2. Elements of organizational culture of Surindra Rajabhat University : it was found that the overall opinions on organizational culture of Surindra Rajabhat University were at a high level (4.08). According to the analytic elements, six elements were found as follows :   1) Official cultural elements, 2) the successful culture focused, 3) relationship-oriented cultural elements, 4) effective cultural elements, 5) adaptive culture and    6) cultural commission. 
3. The appropriate organizational culture model of Surindra Rajabhat University : it was revealed that Surindra Rajabhat University should apply the cognitive style of organization culture, in ordering of importance, The weight of the elements and the suggestions of experts/scholars in focus group to be effective in managing good organizational culture as well.


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