The Effectiveness of the Municipality after Granting Status from Sub-district Administrative Organizations in Thawatchaburi District, Roi Et Province

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Surapong Sangranoo
Rujikorn Fakabon


The objectives of the research are: to study the status of sub-district municipality that have been granted status from the sub-district administrative organization; to study the effectiveness of the operation as expected by the people towards administration of sub-district municipality and to study guidelines for the administration of sub-district municipality by integrating research using the mixed methods research: quantitative research conducted by using questionnaires to collect data from a sample; qualitative research, conducted by using in-depth interviews of key informants. The descriptive content by creating the character on the issues to study was used to analyze the obtained data.
The research found that: the status of the municipality raised with the administration of work and changes in management according to the authority of the municipality. The people participate in the development plan, create awareness of policies, development plans for transparency and monitor to fully meet the needs of the people. For the effectiveness of operations according to the expectations of the people, it was found that the most administrative aspect is the administration, transparency and can be examined such as people participate in community development planning. For the budget management is mostly to promote the investment in community shops and tourism and then it was followed by the budget allocation according to the policy proposed to the people. For the most public service is promotion of the community organization and maintaining order and then followed by the opportunity for people to participate in the comments. The guidelines for management of municipality for administration was the arrange staffs and officers who gain knowledge and understanding about the administration and use of authority effectively, appoint a peacekeeping committee to reduce conflicts and violence in the community and promote arts and culture supplementary occupation customs in those who are interested and have low income to increase their income. For regarding budget management, the management approach is to plan, develop and allocate budget clearly and concretely. The people have knowledge in the budget management approach with pointing out the income and expenditure for the public to know and understand in the management of each project. Collecting taxes was carried out by having representatives of people in operation.


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