A Study of Matters and Roles of Ancestor Spirit in Selaphum district, Roi Et Province

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Anantasak Phonkaewket


This research aimed: 1) to explore matters used to communicate with ancestor spirits in Selaphum district, Roi Et province; 2) to study roles of ancestor spirits on Selaphum people; 3) to use as a media for learning management in the course of folklore by studying roles of ancestor spirits Selaphum district, Roi Et province. All 10 sub-districts showed that sorting chapters of ancestor spirits could be classified into 6 sequences as follows. 1. To worship of ancestor spirits 2. An oath on ancestor spirits is happened when the villagers are in trouble 3. To fulfill one's vow 4. Blessings from the ancestor spirit 5. the ceremony of the ancestor spirit 6. Predictions For roles of the ancestor spirit, it could be divided into 7 issues as follows. 1. Explain background and reason for doing the ceremony. 2. Maintain a standard ofsocial behavior pattern. 3. It is the solution to relieve one’s grief. 4. A role in keeping the promise and keeping an oath. 5. A role in enhancing community harmony. 6.A role in creating the relationship between ghosts and Buddhism. 7. A role in maintaining ecosystem. Thus, the belief of grief deserves to be studied for deeply understanding, inheriting, and passing on to the next generations.


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