Basic Words comparison between Thai Language and Lao language for Grade level I: Study on Types of Word, Concrete Nouns, Abstract Nouns and Difficulty of Words

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Wilairat jittpakdee
Boonlue Chaimano
Sanom Krutmuang


This dissertation aimed to: 1) study word types in Thai language and Lao language that are defined in curriculum; 2) study concrete nouns and abstract nouns in Thai and Lao that are defined in curriculum; 3) study difficulty of words in Thai  and Lao that are defined in curriculum. Information from Thai and Lao elementary school curriculum were investigated as well as related research reviews. Teachers and students in grade level I (Grade 1 to 3) were also interviewed and participated in group discussion. Target group of teachers were instructed in grade level I while students whom studied in their own language were categorized as high-, middle- and low-achieving students. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics.

The research found that:
1. Types of word in Thai Language for Grade 1-3 were noun 1,741 words, pronoun 15 words, verb 936 words, adverb 307 words, preposition 15 words, conjunction 15 words and interjection 2 words. Types of word in Lao Language for Grade 1-3 were noun 286 words, verb 167 words, adverb 83 words, prepositions 4 words and conjunctions 3 words, while pronoun and interjection did not appear.
2. Concrete nouns and abstract nouns for Grade 1-3, was found 2,411 words and 575 words, respectively in Thai language and was found 616 words and 74 word, respectively in Lao language.
3. Difficulty of basic words in Thai language for Grade 1- 3 was easy-reading 1,285 words, moderate-reading 1,264 words, and difficult-reading 467 words. While in Lao language for Grade 1-3 was easy-reading 254 words, moderate-reading 270 words, and difficult-reading 166 words.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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