The NAVAKOVADA’s PrinciplesAs the Means of Living in the Disruption Society

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Kritsana Wannaklang
Panuwat Pakdeewong


The research objective were to; 1) Study and analyze the priniciple of Navakovada and 2) provide the MEANS of Living in Disruptive Society by mean of the principle of Navakovada. The Navagovadawrote by Somdet Phramahasamanachao Kromphraya
Vajirananavarorasa which recruited by 5 academic dignitaries was the main document. Qualitative Research Technique; documentary research method; was employed. Content analysis and triangulation were as data analysis technique and report by analytic description.
The research results find that:
1. 10 groups of the principle were found and all of them led to talk about the daily life’ behaviors, So the center of them was “Sa-ti”.
2. “Bojjhaṅga”; by mean of the meaning in “Bojjhaṅga” principle; was shown as the mainly principle of these means because persons must have been aware of the fact sin these society and it will shown that: to be aware of their self, to be aware of their mind, to be aware of principle of their life and to be aware of their action. So; having and maneuvering; of “Sati - Sumpachunya” and “Hiri- Oottuppa”with Bojjhaṅga; were as mechanism of these Means in order to be aware of live or learn to live as; learn to know - learn to live- learn to flexible- learn to endurance; and ready or have ability to changes their life -with “Sati”. So; Their manipulation have based on the education which led by principle of Dhamma.

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