The Participatory Process in the Inheritance and Organizing of Cultural Activities within the urban area: A Case study of the Sala Lhang Ban, Bangkok

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Pakamat Leangthanarerk


The objective of this research was to investigate; 1) study the roles of stakeholders involved in participating in the continuation process and organizing activities within urban areas, 2) stakeholder participation process model through the concept of New Public Governance by qualitative research and collecting participant observation data including in-depth interviews. In selecting interviewees by a purposive selection, groups of key informants’ total number are 15 people: the government sector, community, network of community groups, education sector and the private sector.
The major findings revealed as follows:
1. Roles of stakeholder’s involved in the process of participating in driving cultural activities, consisting of 1) government agencies drive guidelines and plan activities. 2) People in the community participate in thinking, making decisions, and implementing activities. 3) The Bang Phrom Sub-district Community Network, Taling Chan District, acts similarly to the people in the community. 4) The educational sector jointly suggests activities and support manpower resources, and 5) the private sector support resources and suggest guidelines for carrying out activities.
2. There are 4 steps in the process of participation in relevant network partners: 1) decision-making process government, 2) implementation of activities, 3) use of resources within the area, 4) the creation of an ecosystem. These forms will be applied to future cultural activities to ensure clarity and sustainability.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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