The Rights of Gay Marriage under the Regime of Capitalist State Power

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นฤพนธ์ ด้วงวิเศษ, ดร.


This paper is aimed to criticize the discursive paradigm that underscores the politics of gay identity and the movement of legalization of gay marriage and same-sex partnership, which are regulated by institutionalized heteronormative regime and monogamy system that are inclusively effected by the rise of modern nation state developed in capitalist economy and democratic political system. This paradigm is proliferated from the western power/knowledge of scientific rationalism that controls the human being within the universal rules of order, and propagates that human life is destined to the absolute good, virtue, and happiness, in which individual is subjected and inclined naturally to their own right, freedom, and autonomy. The gay marriage rights movement, definitely, is not the approval of social equality, but the deployment of discursive power that use the human rights and liberalist discourses as the techniques of controlling and disciplining population, but there is hierarchy and discrimination hiding behind the face of marital status that is beneficial in economic opportunities.


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ด้วงวิเศษ น. (2019). The Rights of Gay Marriage under the Regime of Capitalist State Power. Journal of Anthropology, Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre (JASAC), 2(2), 81–118. Retrieved from
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