Journal of Modern Learning Development

               ISSN 2673-074X   (Print)

               ISSN 2697-455X   (Online)


                Journal of Modern Learning Development this is an academic journal, one month.  Objectives to publish research articles and academic articles for researchers, academeics, faculty, and students including religion, philosophy, law, political science, public administration, linguistics, applied studies, and other interdisciplinary areas.

              Articles to be considered for publication to passed the consideration at least of 2 peer reviews in the consideration of publishing articles in both Thai and English

              Views and opinions contained in the articles as Journal of Modern Learning Development, it is the responsibility of the author of the article and is not regarded as the viewpoint of the editorial teams as Journal of Modern Learning Development, copyright in not reserved, bur provides references of attribution.

Publication schedule to 12 issues per year (Year 2023 Onwards)

        Issues 1 January (Website published on 30 January)

        Issues 2 February (Website published on 28 February)

        Issues 3 March (Website published on 30 March)

        Issues 4 April (Website published on 30 April)

        Issues 5 May (Website published on 30 May)

        Issues 6 June (Website published on 30 June)

        Issues 7 July (Website published on 30 July)

        Issues 8 August (Website published on 30 August)

        Issues 9 September (Website published on 30 September)

        Issues 10 October (Website published on 30 October)

        Issues 11 November (Website published on 30 November)

        Issues 12 December (Website published on 30 December)

Criteria for consideration and selection the articles

            Each article will be reviewed by a journal review committees by least of 2 peer reviews to specialize in a related field, and have received editorial approval prior to publication, are considered in format to the reviewer does not know into the author’s information such as, name or work history, and the author, name of the peer rewiew to reviewed the article is unknown. (Double-Blind Peer Review). An article submitted for publication in a journal must not be published, or is being considered by a qualified person for publication in another journal, the author of the article must comply with the journal’s article nomination guidelines and must be in accordance with the prescribed format.

            The opinions of the article’s authors are the responsibility of their authors, and not the responsibility of the editors.