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Vol. 9 No. 3 (2024): March

Published: 2024-03-30

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An Evaluation of Bachelor of Education Program in Thai Faculty of Education, Ramkhamheang University

Sanga Wongchai, Thanachaporn Phumpachat, Khanchai Athikait, Chutima Khunsang, Suttipong Makul


The Development of Higher-Level Executive in Thai Justice

Rungnapa Sritapanya, Ravipa Thummachote


Music in Sports Dance Teaching Guidebook at Tai an City, Shandong Province

Yu Jinnan, Pranote Meesorn , Pakorn Rodchangphuen


Factors in the Decision to Elect Leaders of Local Government Organizations in a Province in the South

Pongprasit Onchan, Daycho Khaenamkhaew, Chettha Muhamad, Boonying Pratum, Peerapong Sutcharitpan , Peeradaw Sutcharitpan


Cultivation of Bodhicitta Based on the Slow Tourism Activities in Buddhist Approach

Supaporn Bamrungwong, Montien Montrapibully, Suvin Ruksat, Phrakruvinaython Boonsri Nanavuddho


The Application of Kālāma-Sutta Principles with Online Social Media

Phramaha Saiyan Visarado (Lohitdee), Jesada Munyapho , Nitikorn Wichuma


The Artistic of Thai Music and the Music Appreciation

Manus Kaewbucha, Watchara Prempree, Chuchat Pinpart , Auncan Chareonsrimueang


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