Organizational Commitment Affecting the Intention to Stay of Agent Taveesup Group, AIA Insurance Company Limited Personnel

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rujit anuchavalitwong
Kevalin Setthakorn


The aim of this quantitative research was to study the influence of two key variables: demographic factors and organizational commitment, on AIA representatives' intention to stay in Taveesup Team, one of AIA units. The online questionnaire had been developed to be used as the instrument for collecting data from 186 from life insurance agents Taveesup group, AIA insurance company limited personnel. The obtained data was measured and analyzed by percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test, one-way ANOVA (F-test), and multiple regression analysis, were also implemented for testing hypothesis.

The data presented that there was no difference in terms of major demographic factors: gender, age, education level and working period on the intention to stay, the finding showed that marital status and average monthly income had significantly influence on the intention to stay as the statistically significance level of 0.05. Regarding the organizational commitment in terms of continuance commitment had positive effects on the intention to stay and affective commitment had negative effects on AIA representatives' intention to stay in Taveesup Team, one of AIA units.

Our findings emphasized the essential of organizational commitment as the key factor for the insurance representatives' intention to stay in the company. Hence, the board of directors and managerial executives should place importance on building organizational commitment among the employees and partners, which can drive the operations towards achieving organization's missions.

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anuchavalitwong, rujit, & Setthakorn, K. (2022). Organizational Commitment Affecting the Intention to Stay of Agent Taveesup Group, AIA Insurance Company Limited Personnel. Journal of Management Sciences, Songkhla Rajabhat University, 1(1), 56–69. Retrieved from
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