Romantic Organicism and the Concept of Home as Exhibited through both P.B. Shelley’s and S.T. Coleridge’s Troping of Mont Blanc

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Wayne Deakin


In this paper I examine the large philosophical territory of organicism through a conceptualization of the human subject’s Home in the world, after the post- Kantian, de-worlded understanding of our place in the world. In the first section of the paper, I examine this joint-concept as an interpretive rubric though which to read both the Frühromantik and the German Idealists, arguing that their arguments are also responded to in kind by the latter romantic hermeneutics of Heidegger, with his own ecological sense of home and his own response to Kantian representationalism. In the final section of the paper, I explicate two seminal philosophical romantic poems by S.T. Coleridge and P.B. Shelley, situating my reading of these two poems within the wider rubric of the romantic response to the various organicist conceptualizations of home adumbrated here as characterized by their responses to Mont Blanc. Coleridge’s response is characteristically more theistic, whereas Shelley’s is more proto-Heideggerian and phenomenological.

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Wayne Deakin, Chiang Mai University-

English Department, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor 


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