The Nature of Vocabulary Repetition in Graded Readers

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Rungthip Kumkaew
Saowaluck Tepsuriwong


Graded readers are one of the main resources to foster reading skills and vocabulary development of second language learners. This study aims to investigate the nature of vocabulary repetition in graded readers, which is the key factor for incidental vocabulary learning. Three intermediate-level graded readers were randomly selected and used to create a corpus for analysis using the Range programme. Only the content words in the graded readers were classified into the 1st General Service List (GSL), 2nd GSL, and Academic Word List. Then the numbers of repetitions of the word families in each list were calculated. The findings show that most of the words in the 1st GSL are repeated more than 10 times, which seems to be promising for incidental vocabulary learning; however, words in the other two lists do not seem to be adequately repeated. Opportunities for incidental learning of these low less repeated words are limited. Implications for using graded readers to reinforce fluent reading by exposing learners to recycling of known vocabulary are discussed.


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