Outreach and Publicity of Government University Archives in Thailand

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This research aims to study the operating conditions. The use of the format and media, the problems of the executives and the practitioners' opinions on the format and the media should be used, and compare the opinions of the executives and the practitioners with the forms and media that should be used in dissemination and public relations of government university archives in Thailand. The research population included 16 administrators and practitioners responsible for dissemination and publishing 32 government university archives.The statistics used in the research were percentage, mean, standard deviation, and T-test. The results of this research show that most of the administrators of the governmental archives in Thailand are responsible for dissemination, publishing and distributing archives. The frequency of sending staff to attend training / seminar / public relations is occasionally, but the public relations activities. The budget for the operation of the archives has no budget. Policy formulation has been set up as a non-written public policy by policy-makers, public relations executives, and archives. The personnel of the archives are all involved in or aware of public policy planning. Most of the performance evaluations were conducted on the performance, dissemination and public relations. The evaluation is based on the user statistics. Cooperation with other agencies is in cooperation with other agencies. Collaboration with University Library. The executive's opinion about the format that should be used in dissemination and public relations should include an online exhibition and the media that should be used to publicize and publicize the university archives is the media people, officials or practitioners in the archives. For the staff, the archives of the university use the format of publishing and publicizing the archives by viewing them by the archival personnel. Equipment and tools available. The media found that the use of electronic media in the form of the website of the archives and the format that should be used in publishing and publicizing the archives is: Should be exhibited permanently inside the archives. When comparing opinions on the format between executives and practitioners, it was found not different in every way.


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