Factors Influencing the Collaboration between Faculty and Librarian at the Universities: A Literature Review

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Kulthida Tuamsuk


The aim of this paper is to elucidate the findings from the literature relating to the factors having effects on the collaborative partnerships between faculty and librarian at the institutions of higher education. The authors used the qualitative methodology by using the content analysis method of peer-reviewed articles and research papers. The outcome of this method indicates the four main factor groups becoming the enablers or barriers of the success or failure of the collaborative process: (1) integrating structure, (2) technology, (3) social and cultural factors, and (4) individual dimensions, in which every factor group includes interrelated sub-factors. The findings of this study will be useful for leaders, administrators, faculties, and librarians to have a richer understanding of elements influencing the collaboration at the universities, then find ways in order to initiate and maintain effective partnerships in accordance with university’s context, as well as increase the advantages and reduce the risk from these factors during the collaborative process.


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