The Usage of Digital Information Resources Among Users of the National Library of Thailand

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Chanchanok Fonchoei
Tritip Kantaporn
Papathsara Fuaksil
Saisuda Pantrakool


This research aims to study the usage of digital information resources of users in the National Library of Thailand and to compare the level of using digital information that classified by age, career and education. This is a quantitative research which data gathering by questionnaires. The sample group consisted of 400 users using of the services in the National Library. Data analysis was statistically engaged in percentage, means, standard deviation, and One-way ANOVA. The study shown that, the most of users is 21-30 years old who are the students in the bachelor degree. The purpose of using digital information is lifelong learning via the National Library website ( Searching methods for digital information resources were retrieve from list of information. The comparison of using digital information resources, found that, age and career are different with significances but the education level was not-different.


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