A Development of Mobile Learning to Enhance Information Literacy of Undergraduates In Udon Thani Rajabhat University

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Aphirudee Thongpol


The purposes of the research were (1) to develop and test the efficiency of lesson online through mobile device for supporting the information literacy of the undergraduate at Udon Thani Rajabhat University, Bueng Kan Campus (UDRU-BKC), 2) to measure the information literacy skills of the students at UDRU-BKC who used lesson online through mobile device, (3) to assess the online lesson through mobile device for supporting the information literacy of the undergraduate students at UDRD-BKC. A sample used in this study was 45 undergraduate students who were studying Information Literacy Course in the first academic year 2017. The research instruments were the lesson online, an information literacy skills test, and the lesson online assessment. Statistics used for analyzing data included mean and standard deviation. Data presentation used descriptive statistics. The research findings showed the following results: 1) The efficiency of the lesson online through mobile device for supporting information literacy was 81.73/ 81.14 which was met the efficient criteria which is 80/ 80 2) The students' information literacy skills after the test was 81.14 and higher than before the test at 48.44, 3) The assessment of the lesson online through mobile device for supporting the undergraduate students of UDRU-BKC was at a good level.


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