Needs Assessment for Library Services of an Educational Opportunity Expansion Prainsuksa Klomsakul Utid School School Under Phra Nakhorn Si Ayutthaya Primary Educational Service Area Office 1

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Ruthaithip Prachasuk
Wallapa Chalermvongsavej


This study aims to investigate the actuality, expectation, and needs for library services and create a guideline to improve the quality of the library in an educational opportunity expansion Prainsuksa Klomsakul Utid School under Phra Nakhorn Si Ayutthaya Primary Educational Service Area Office 1. Using mixed research. The samples used in the research in this study included 159 students, teachers, and educational personnel in Prainsuksa Klomsakul Utid School. The instrument used to collect data was a five-point Likert scale questionnaire containing 36 questions and interview forms. The statistics used in the data analysis were frequency, percentage, means, standard deviation, and modified priority needs index (PNImodified) Qualitative data Analyzed by content analysis. The results of the analysis showed that the levels of actuality and expectation towards the library services were medium but the desirable condition is at a high level. The need for the use of school library services in expanding educational opportunities, the first was good books, second was good librarians and third was good atmosphere. Which the approach to the development of the school library for expanding educational opportunities is to support the budget and management to develop 3 aspects which are good books, good librarians, and good atmosphere to be sufficient, modern and to meet the needs of most users.
Keywords: library, educational


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