Current Scenario of University Libraries to Enhancing Lifelong Learning

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Kanokkorn Kamolpechara
Weerachat Soopunyo


The research objective was to present the current conditions, problems, obstacles and recommendations about the university library in enhancing lifelong learning from 2 informational groups, namely; professional and library administrator, and librarian. This study collecting data by using the unstructured interviews and questionnaires.
The results were:
Enhancing lifelong learning in the university library as follows: the policies for supporting lifelong learning. Creating and supporting an electronic database thought out using electronic resources format. Also proving electronic devices and developing technology infrastructure. Expanding services hours and building a learning atmosphere. Developing a librarian in an academic and good attitude in learning service. Providing academic knowledge and teaching information literacy. And understand various users.
The problems and obstacles were lack of participation from stakes holders. A budget for learning activities limited. A cooperation network was not yet covered. The university community and the external user should be balance needs. Librarian was not training for learning activities. Lack of studying the target audience's needs.
The suggestions in the research paper are creating and a dissemination knowledge center. Supporting the use of free time after class to benefit. Enhancing learning activities on social media. And understand in various users.


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