Library Services and Activities of the Demonstration School Libraries in the New Normal

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Siringam Plangcheep


The research aimed to 1) study the opinions on services and activities of the Demonstration School Libraries in the New Normal; 2) study the problems of services and activities of the Demonstration School Libraries in the New Normal, and 3) develop a service model and activities of the Demonstration School Libraries in the New Normal. The samples for this research comprised 66 library staff, selected through simple random sampling. The data were obtained from a questionnaire and analyzed using percentage, mean, standard deviation, and chi-square. Statistical hypothesis testing was employed to compare means through one-way analysis of variance (F-test). The research revealed significant results. First, concerning library services, the library staff of the Demonstration School Library had the most consistent opinion on the service in the New Normal; it should be available but with a changed service model through electronic channels or online. Second, regarding library activities, the library staff of the Demonstration School Library gave the most unanimous opinions on six activities: activities should be organized through online channels. However, for storytelling activities, film screening activities, and exhibition activities, the opinion was that the same activities should be organized as in the pre-New Normal but with a limited number of participants. Third, the Demonstration School Library staff had a moderate level of opinions on all aspects of the problem overall. When considering each aspect, it was found that the library staff of the Demonstration School Library had a high level of opinion on the problem of the service and activities management model. Fourth, the results of comparing the library staff’s opinion on the problem of service and activities of the Demonstration School Library in the New Normal, with different educational backgrounds, job positions in the library, and experience in working in the libraries overall, showed no significant differences.

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