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               The traditions of Mahachat Sermon in Thailand. Thai Buddhists have believed since ancient times that Anyone who hears a Mahachat Sermon will receive great merit. Therefore, creating a tradition of listening to this sermon every year. Even "the spell written in Pali has 13 chapters so considered to be completed in one day that will receive strong merit including the completion of the Mahachat sermon ceremony is considered auspicious.

The current form of Mahachat sermon may have different procedures. There are many factors that play a role in changing the format of the process, such as in step 9. From the past, Phra Dhammakaya tells the virtue of listening to the Mahachat sermon. At present, Pi Pat song will be played in step 12 and music will be waiting for the next sermon.

The music of Mahachat sermon is believed to be due to the analysis of the characters that consist of the characters and the lyrics in each story. Using the concepts of music composition theory on the melody, rhythm, and patterns of songs that give the emotions according to the characters in all 13 chapters. It also uses ancient evidence as a guideline to analyze the meaning of the songs that used in the sermon for academic weight, which makes it easier to understand when plays 13 chapter’s songs. Including Pi Paat band that played in the ancient times that used the five Pi Pat band as the main instrumental music.

At present, the dual band Pi Paat is played in the Mahachat sermon. As for the songs that were played in the beginning of the Mahachat sermon or prelude, in the old times, the sermon consisted of 5 songs, 1) Satukarn song 2) Groundnai Song, 3) Cherd Song, 4) Chum Song, and 5) La Song. Prelude sermons are important in the sermon accompanying the sermon. It is believed that it was an announcement to the villagers who accepted the monks' sermon that they had started the Mahachat sermon. Everyone would quickly bring the monks themselves received from the temple to put on the table. In order to wait for the monk to preach in his own shrine.When the monks began to preach the 1St. chapter until the 13th. chapter ended, the Pi Paat band will play Cherd song and then play Ground-rum to show that the Mahachat sermon has ended which is a playing that has been passed down from the past to the present


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