In thos issue, there are various articles from many sectors which have sent 18 articles to be considered for publication. These compose of 12 research articles, and 6 academic articles as appeared in the table of content. Each article presents different types of aspects and knowledge based on the nature of science. All the articles are good qualities that are efficiently filtrated by authors and experts. The editorial team would be pleased to say “Thank you” for all authors’ time and effort for compiling papers and your trust for submitting them for publication with JOURNAL OF RATTANA PAÑÑĀ and thank you for all experts who devote their time for providing critical comments on those articles, along with some recommendations (if any) for the authors to develop their articles with their fullest potential. The editorial team strongly hopes that all articles will contain the academic value for every academic user, either more or less, and to develop journal to be at a higher standard to reach tier 1 base soon. 

Published: 2020-06-19