Techniques for creating short-term chorus bands: For basic use

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กำพร ประชุมวรรณ
Kanjana wongwises


Research subject Techniques for creating short-term choir bands: for basic use It is a qualitative research. With the objective of research To study techniques for creating choir bands And study the results of using a set of techniques for creating short-term choir bands: for basic use The study period started from February 2019 to January 2020, based on field data from interviews and observations. The research instruments were interview forms and statistical tests for data analysis. And presenting the research results in descriptive form, analysis

The result of the research shows that

  1. Techniques for creating short-term choir bands consist of techniques and methods for transmitting short-term choir singing. Teaching aids Fundamentals of short-term choir singing trainees and environmental factors that affect the transmission of short-term choir bands. 

  2. Study of the results of using short-term choir chorus band technique set: for basic usage. Found that the experimental group that used the Techniques for creating short-term chorus groups: for basic usage, in general, the Pre- Test ( ) is at a low level (" " = 2.28, S.D. =.70) and Post- Test ( ) is at a high level. (" " = 4.03, S.D. =.86) When considering each item, it was found that the first was, the singers were able to enter their vocals correctly, followed by, the rhythm with the lowest average value is Tone tones can be used.


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