Electronics Load Performance For Voltage Swell Protection

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นิวัทธ์ วรรณวงศ์


          The  purposes  of  the  research  were  :  designs  AC  Electronics  load  surge  protection  to  carry  electric  surge  load  arisen  from  faults in  low-voltage  electricity  system  (single  phase/220V) value  shows  that clamping  voltage  was  still  within  the  specified standards  (220  V).  After  the  tested, the  results complied  with  the  design  that  this  continue  to  work.  The  qualification of  the  designed  device  could  prevent  voltage swell.  The  test  where  test  signals  were generated with  different  RMS  with  the  principle  of  electronics  load  clamping  voltage  during  induction  period  there for  electric  voltage  could  go  through  to  safe load  and  mode device  will  reduce  over  voltage  which  occurs when  RMS  is  higher  than  the  specified standards.  The  duration  is  approximately  10mS  -  1min.  As  the  results, the  circuit  is  used  to  improve  and  modify  the  electrical  power quality  in  Thailand  electricity  distribution system  more  effective  than  the  past  and  help increase  the  lifetime  of  appliances, devices, and  electricity  protection  equipments.


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