The Development of Demonstration DC Motor Angular Position Control Set using LabVIEW Program

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Somsak Pawan
Santi Hutamarn


     This  research  aimed  to  develop the demonstration  set   for  DC  motor  angular  position control  using  LabVIEW  Program,  and  the  propriety for the application instructions in college in vocational  education  commission.

     The  demonstration  set  for  DC  motor  angular position  control  was  developed  by  using  the driven - 24  volt  60  watt  DC  motor,  controlled  by  driven  board  with  Power  Mosfet  and  Encoder 100 pulses per revolution, and sent feedback position  signal  to  myRIO  card  by  PID  Controller with  LabVIEW  Program. When  the  development and  system  testing  were  finished  and  presented to  3  experts  to  evaluate  the  propriety.  Moreover, the  demonstration  set  was  taken  to  experiment with the sample group consisted of 30 undergraduates who study in the electrical technology  program  of  Lopburi  Technical  College to  evaluate  the  propriety.

     The research findings shown that the demonstration set for DC motor angular position control using LabVIEW Program responded to relate theories and the resulting evaluation  of  the  propriety  by  experts  was at  a high level ( ) , and the propriety by undergraduates was at the highest  level (  ). Overall, the  demonstration  set  for  DC  motor  angular position control using LabVIEW Program is appropriate for applying in the instructions.


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