Development of Industrial Electronic Experimental Kits on Rectifier Circuit

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Chissanupong Sriwiboonkul
Peerawat Kongsakorn
Kamolwan Chaowchangleg


     This research aimed to develop an industrial electronics, experimental kit on rectifier circuits to find efficiency and to assess student achievement, and to study student satisfaction affecting industrial electronics, experimental set on rectifier circuits The population and the sample group used in this research were students of the 1st year Diploma in Electronics Department. Photharam Technical College which enrolled in the industrial electronics course, course code 30105-2101, in the second semester of the academic year 2020, consisted of 18 students by choosing a specific sample group. The research tools consisted of experimental sets,content0sheets,0exercises,0worksheets,0and achievement tests. In the experimental processing and analysis Tests are used before and after classes. The data were analyzed using the average percentage statistics. And standard deviation and to determine the efficiency of the electronic equipment and circuit rectifier circuit according to the standard E1/E2 to compare the mean between the pre-study test scores and the post-study scores of the experimental group by using a t-test. The analysis of student satisfaction was statistically based on percentage and standard deviation. The study found that the use of an experimental set to support teaching results in students having good grades in learning and learners having better skills in laboratory operations. The efficiency of the experimental set created was 83.89/80.74, above the specified threshold of 80/80, which was based on the hypothesis. The students had significantly higher learning achievement after school than before. In terms of the students' satisfaction with the experimental set, It was found that the students' satisfaction was at a very good level. The results of these studies show that the developed experimental kit can be used effectively in teaching and learning.


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Sriwiboonkul, C., Kongsakorn, P., & Chaowchangleg, K. (2022). Development of Industrial Electronic Experimental Kits on Rectifier Circuit. Vocational Education Central Region Journal, 6(1), 111–118. Retrieved from
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