1. Objective
     1. To support experts, academicians, and KPI staff to publish academic papers on matters relevant to the content framework established by the institute.
     2. To be a source of information for study, research, and reference on matters relevant to the content framework established by the institute.
     3. To promote and disseminate academic knowledge to society on matters relevant to the content framework established by the institute for the benefit of students and the interested public.

2. Conceptual Frameworks
   1. Democracy and Democratic Development
   2. Good Governance
   3. National Development Process
   4. Public Policy and State Organizations
   5. Decentralization and Local Administration
   6. Civil Politics and Public Participation
   7. Peace and Conflict Management
   8. Development Network Building
   9. ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
  These 9 areas shall be addressed as (1) issues as exist in Thailand, or (2) foreign issues relevant to the Thai context.

3. Types of Articles
   1) A Research Article: presents the results of a research project conducted in accordance with academic research principles. Results shall presented in an article format that is easy to read and understand, with emphasis on the findings and recommendations.
   2) An Academic Article: is a paper containing interesting information relevant the content framework, describing a problem, a solution, and a clear theoretical framework of analysis. The paper must be include references in accordance with academic standards.
   3) Book Reviews or Article Reviews: These are articles that review and critique the content or value of other books or articles. A book review must provide details of the work under review, clearly identify the name of the work’s author, the year of publication, the publisher, the edition (if not first edition), and number pages.

4. Publication Conditions
   1. The submitted paper must never have been published elsewhere.
   2. The paper shall be of good quality, and must receive the approval of qualified scholars in the peer review process.
   3. The paper must have references and a bibliography in accordance with academic principles.
   4. The paper must be submitted to the editorial department at least four months before anticipated date of publication.

5. Article Reviewing

  • The papers are reviewed by experts in the relevant field
  • The process is a double-blind peer review
  • Each paper must pass peer review by three experts in order for KPI to accept it for publication.

6. Publication Frequency

  • Volume 1: January-April publishes contribution on May
  • Volume 2: May-August publishes contribution on August
  • Volume 3: September-December publishes contribution on the next January

7. Fee for Submission and Detail of Journal
Submission for publication fee
King Prajadhipok’s Institute (KPI) will charge fee’s rating for publication as following :
      1. Professor, academic, or expert – 4,000 bath/1 article
      2. Student in educational department, institution, university – 2,500 bath/1 article
      3. Internals KPI’s staffs/academic has no submission fee
       Authors are requested to pay the fee after their article is being considered to pass the approval and qualified to publish according to the journal process. (After reviewing process)

Invitation for publication fee
In case of invitation, King Prajadhipok’s Institute (KPI) reserves the right to pay fee only those specific individual as following : 
      1. KPI will pay for submission - 6,000 bath/1 article
      2. KPI will pay for book reviews or Article reviews - 2,500 bath/ 1 review 
        Internals KPI’s staffs/academic
      1. KPI will pay for submission - 3,000 bath/1 article
      2. KPI will pay for book reviews or Article reviews – 1,250 bath/ 1 review