King Prajadhipok’s Institute journal  (Print ISSN  : 1685-9855, (Online) ISSN : 2730-3896) is an academic documents that has been published by collecting the academic papers and the researches derive from studying, analysis and evaluation. These writings cover various dimension of Politics and Governance and related Public Administration in Thailand. The journal is an important documents as a resource center that lead to further development and strengthen an academic potential for students and public.


Vol. 19 No. 3 (2021): King Prajadhipok's Institute Journal (September 2021 - December 2021)

1. Provincial Budgetary Allocation and Inequality in Human Development
2. A Study of Roles and Guidelines for Enhancement of Performance of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand According to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand B.E. 2560
3. Democracy Learning Management Process for Youth, Using Choi
4. Problems on Appropriateness of Criminal Measures Enforcement: A Study of the Public Assembly Act B.E. 2558
5. Principles of freedom of public assembly in the Thai context
6. Turning Back, Looking Forward at Decentralization of the Thai State: A Dim Light at the End of the Tunnel
7. Policy Instruments for Promoting Access of Women and Girls to Menstrual Hygiene Products8.
8. A Guideline for The Environmentally Friendly Port Management and The Artisanal Fisheries Community Rights in the Eastern Economic Corridor Project: A Case Study of Chonburi Province

Published: 2021-12-29

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ISSN (Print) : 1685-9855 , (Online) ISSN : 2730-3896