The royal initiative on “sustainable development” bring happiness to the people

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Sumet Tantivejkul


     His Majesty King Bhumiboon Adulyadej’s development work is the format of how people develop themselves to strengthen the community and to be self –reliant in which to form the truely sustainable development. For the development in Thailand in many areas, His Majesty the King initiated a lot of its important principles and dimensions, those can be adjusted in Thai people’s daily life. Besides, His Majesty has initiated the development and rehabilitated the natural resources for instance: soil, water and forest for the sake of balancing and sustainability of the natural resources and to be the crucial factor of food’s production and its security for the community. This is to improve the all Thai people’s quality of life. His Majesty’s royal development projects derived from the principle of “sustainable development” As a results, those Royal projects then create benefits and happiness for the people and can solve the problems quickly in different areas.

     His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has highly graciously granted to Thai people.The benefit of following his majesty’s initiative cause “self-reliance” for them to live their lives. This is the sustainability development and the creation of happiness for them and peaceful society . Even though His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has passed away, He is still be in remembrance for Thai people’s heart forever.


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