Information Behavior of Indigenous Rice Philosopher Networks

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โชคธำรงค์ จงจอหอ


This qualitative study aimed to study the information behavior of Indigenous Rice Philosopher Networks in three dimensions: (1) Information needs (2) Information seeking behavior (3) Information use. Data were collected by in-depth interviews from 11 Thai indigenous rice philosophers selected by purposive sampling. Data was analyzed by the inductive analysis. The results showed that (1) They mostly needed information about successful techniques on organic rice cultivation, and information about the government training schedules on farming. (2) Most information resource was from the individual one by practicing themselves at the Farmer Community Learning Center, then joining as a membership of rice farming networks. They used their phone to seek for their needed information directly or via line application to the resource person. (3) They used information in accordance with their work roles in 3 main jobs responsibilities: cultivating rice farming, being the rice farming expert, and being the spiritual leadership for their community.


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