Development of Butter Cookie with Wild Melientha suavis

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Sawart Kertsiri
Sirichanut Thongchew


     The objectives of this research were 1) to develop Butter Cookie with Wild Melientha suavis and 2) to study the satisfaction with  Butter  Cookie with  Wild  Melientha  suavis.  The  samples  used in the  research  were teachers, students  in  the  Food and Nutrition department by simple random sampling of 60 people. The research instruments consisted  of  Butter  Cookie with Wild Melientha suavis and the satisfaction questionnaire  towards  Butter  Cookie  with  Wild  Melientha  suavis. The  data  were   analyzed  by  using statistics  such as  mean  ()  and  standard  deviation (S.D.).

     The results of the research showed that 1) The result of formula development has been formulated at 3. The developed cookies have a firm, slightly crumbly texture, golden brown, buttery aroma, slightly salty. and 2) the overall satisfaction towards Butter Cookie with Wild Melientha  suavis  was  found  to  be  at  a  high level.


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