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Phattaraporn Choihiran


This article presents the process of interpretative reading by utilizing the deconstruction theory, which is a linguistic theory focuses on how to read text. According to this theory, reading is not to find the hidden meanings in the text, but to find the possibilities of meanings, which may be additive or yet-to-come. This process of reading is also known as difference, in which the method of reading and interpretation is to deconstruct the text and reveal the contradictions in the original structure. The main principle of deconstruction is the analysis of the dual oppositions in the deep structure of thoughts and culture according to structuralism. The deconstruction of the text aims for readers to see that language has instability, changes, and complexity of its meaning; language is an expression of thoughts; and language can be interpreted in various ways. However, the interpretation is of the text, rather than to seek truth from the text. The deconstruction can be done by separating and dividing the text into sections and analyzing how the sections are based on prior assumptions or rhetorical power.


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