Dimensional Location of the Thai Historical Novel in Rattanakosin Period: a Study of the Writings of "Vinita Diteeyont (Wor. Vinijchaikul)"

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Wirawan Deelert
Panat Anuracpreeda



In the present study, we have demonstrated that the study on dimensional location of the Thai historical novel in Rattanakosin period as written by "Wor. Vinijchaikul" could confirm the historical novel looking more pronounced. The present study was a qualitative research using books, articles, and related publications, and we have focused on documentation of the scene as important and presented a descriptive analysis of this study. In the sense of novelist, the author created the characters from fantasy into way of life in historical places of the era that was desired. This is caused by the relationship of the author on the history either directly or through hearsay. With artistic abilities; furthermore, the author has used the location as the narrative story in addition to the setting of the film. For instance, to take place as part of the storyline in the set, personality of the characters, creating a realistic story, and show the author's perspective. The effectiveness has been occurred from the terms of realism that was consistent with the history and with authenticity of the characters. Moreover, this helped to the readers to understand the event in history, and to reflect the experience and dedication. Thus, the readers can recognize the importance of the location that detemined the human and vice versa.


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