Noble Monk of Ethnic Phuthai


  • Phra Natthawut Phanthali


Holy monk, Phu Thai Ethnicity


Ever since the former original residence of the Phu Thai people It is located in the central area of ​​Yunnan Province in the People's Republic of China today. Later, he migrated to settle in the land known as "Twelve Chutai region" is centered on the town of Tan Which has now become the Dian Bien province of the country of circulation Phu Thai people have their own unique culture such as dress, wisdom, way of life and belief in ancestral spirits. Therefore led each other to respect ghosts Later he heard the teachings of Dhamma from many teachers Therefore led each other to stop worshiping ghosts Turned to respect the Rattanakrai relied on the Buddha, Dharma, monks and have a strong faith in Buddhism, therefore, this article aims to show about the ethnic people who are Phu Tai people Who has faith in Buddhism and has left the house to become a monk And practice Dhamma until he attained Dharma, is a Buddhist monk of the present era, with being ethnic of the Phu Thai descent And aimed to demonstrate the history of the Phu Thai people in various aspects such as migration Life style Living conditions Tradition And wisdom in various fields by these information The author is derived from the study using the synthetic method. Document analysis However, with the current social, economic, social and scientific conditions, Many Phu Thai people have abandoned some of their lifestyles, beliefs and wisdom.


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