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this academic article have a purpose to study love in Buddhist philosophy by researching the Tripitaka, books and related documents The results of the study on love in Buddhist philosophy found that Love in Buddhist philosophy is related to emotion. and the human mind is important. Therefore, there are many groups of words that represent the meaning of the word “love”. But when said overall Able to divide love into two main types: 1) lustful love 2) compassionate love By these two love, it is a love that has both value and blame in itself. It is a love relationship that is very much related to human beings. but consider that lustful love would likely bring more harm and suffering or is it still love mixed with passion which could easily cause suffering There are important characteristics. It is the love that is needed from others as importantly. As for mercy love If we understand the true meaning and nature of mercy including the occurrence of a dharma process of love for Brahma Viharn with the equanimity as the control It will surely bring benefits or happiness more than harm or suffering. because there are important characteristics It is love that wants to give good things that are beneficial to others as important.


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