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Keywords: The Model of Service Management, Car Service Deale


          This research aims to study 1) arrange to development of the car service center 2) factors influencing the satisfaction service for our car, and 3) to determine the format of the service car centers in the upper northeastern region. Data were collected by in-depth interviews and group discussions with the Center Service Manager, Service Manager, and sales manager. Technicians, sales staff and customer service customers. Including, a survey from the public was that car at car Isuzu in the upper northeastern region account 400 sample from 7 car service center. Data were analyzed by content analysis and analysis with statistics and statistical inference described by SPSS and LISREL 8.72
         The results were as follows:
         The service center of the car, according to the standard frame consists of (1) the scope of the service, (2) service, (3) the recording and delivery, and (4) monitor and standard indicators to arrange car service center which consists of (1) physical indicators (2) indicators, reliability, (3) the indicator response (4) a measure to provide confidence and (5) the indicator of the standard of care to which all these indicators are directly influencing service quality, customer satisfaction, (  gif.latex?{\ss&space;}= 0.27; T-value > 2.58), and directly influenced the service unique value ( gif.latex?{\ss&space;}= 0.25; T-value > 2.58). At the same time, valuable services also directly influence customer satisfaction once again (gif.latex?{\ss&space;} = -0.41; T-value > 2.58). Make service satisfaction influence positive behavioral intention of connecting customers in ( gif.latex?{\ss&space;}= 0.37; T-value > 2.58).


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