World Class Social responsibility Concept

  • RANGSAN LEEBEAO Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University Under the Royal Patronage Sakaeo


Social Responsibility is the concept for business administration to achieve economic, social and environment goals. And respond to expectations of stakeholders and society by make profit with responsibility. Consider to impact result on society and environment. That is the responsibility role of business organization. The meaning interpretation of social responsibility differs from each country according to social, values, religious beliefs, etc. Social responsibility concept has been used to create business competitiveness. Increase opportunity for market and capital access, income, sales and long term profits. Promote image, reputation and social acceptance.  In practice, it should be used properly and accordance with the capability and needs of organization to respond to social and environment standards. Without affecting business competitiveness. The corresponding issues of social responsibility of global organization including United Nation, world Trade Organization, World Bank and International Organization for standardization are human right, economy, social, environment and stakeholders. That are interdependence for sustainable development.


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